How it works

Community Sponsors Homes (CSH) will launch the first residential impact investment fund dedicated to purchasing wheelchair accessible homes for rent in the private rented sector (PRS). We will focus on London primarily, and subsequently spread to other urban areas of the UK.

By increasing the availability of accessible homes, we will not only vastly improve the lives of wheelchair users and their families, but also create a new marketplace for the wheelchair accessible PRS. 

To deliver this, CSH will;

  • raise social investment into a residential impact fund
  • deploy capital into appropriate homes
  • manage invested capital

Through our CSH fundraising pipelines we aim to raise a total of £150,000 from our Founder Partners programme, through trusts, foundation, social grants and major gifts from individuals and companies.

CSH How it works

Be a part of it

Community Sponsors Homes is an initiative of Community Sponsors Charity (CSC), set up in 2006 to make lasting change and create social impact ventures that are self-sustaining and innovative.

We are looking to raise £150,000 of Founder Partner donations and grants to help fund the development of the initiative, including all related research, design and development costs.

This will enable us to launch the FIRST residential investment fund of its kind, to buy and adapt accessible homes specifically for wheelchair users and their families to rent.

Our pioneering approach will create a sustainable, ongoing organisation which will continue to elevate lives now and for the future.


And you could be a part of it.Founder Partners

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of Community Sponsors Homes, please contact: 

Sharon Heathcote 
T 020 7930 8600


We are also accepting one-off and recurring donations via PayPal.