Wheelchair accessible property investment

Community Sponsors Homes (CSH) aims to tackle inequality in the UK housing market, by creating better private housing solutions. Our solutions are designed to be commercially viable and socially beneficial.

Our first solution will see the launch of the UK’s first property investment vehicle, dedicated to purchasing wheelchair accessible homes for rent in the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

We believe there is a significant unmet demand for these types of rental homes, which can deliver both social benefits and attractive commercial returns. 

The immediate focus will be to provide wheelchair accessible properties in London and located close to good transport links. However, there are plans to expand to other UK regions in the future. 

We aim launch the investment vehicle and secure initial investors by the end of 2018, with properties being let to wheelchair users in the first half of 2019.

Our journey

CSH Our Journey


We aim to increase the availability and choice of accessible homes. This will not only vastly improve the lives of wheelchair users and their families, but also create a new marketplace for accessible properties in the PRS. 

By providing accessible homes, our ambition is to;

  • Increase the number of wheelchair users who are employed, each contributing c£45k the UK economy by 2030 (Scope, 2015). 
  • Reduce dependence on the state through avoiding bed blocking and care costs. This could save the NHS £683 per day for each wheelchair user living in alternative accommodation. (Aspire, 2016). 
  • Reduce tenants’ spending on care, heating, equipment and other hidden costs of living with a disability.
  • Reduce mental distress and depression caused by family breakdown and isolation
  • Result in greater independence and quality of life for wheelchair users and their families.