Transforming the wheelchair accessible housing market

Help us to help wheelchair users
find a place called home


Imagine not being able to leave the room you are currently in without the aid of another person.

For many wheelchair users without accessible housing, this is a reality of life. We are currently facing a wheelchair accessibility housing crisis in the UK. There are not enough homes for wheelchair users to live independent lives.

There is a need to transform this.


Community Sponsors Homes has officially launched! Read more…

Your chance to get involved

This is the FIRST initiative of its kind. Help us to make it possible.

Our crowdfunding campaign launched on 14 July and will be live for donations for 60 days. It is hoped to raise £30,000 to establish this much needed social initiative to provide specially adapted accessible properties for UK wheelchair users.

“Having the right home has a massive impact on your life and it can’t be underestimated. It can be the difference between living in hell or being happy.”

Carl, spinal cord injury sufferer

Our Story

Eleanor Bowden and David Toplas came together through a shared vision to try and fix the broken housing market. In Community Sponsors Homes they both aim to promote long-term and secure accessible homes for wheelchair users.

Eleanor, with her background in responsible business and social impact start-ups, has driven her passion for equal access to suitable housing for all into setting up and developing Community Sponsors Homes. David has worked for over 20 years in the social infrastructure sector and is a pioneer in managing Private-Public-Partnerships. He founded Mill Group and facilitated the building and maintenance of over £250 million investment into schools and hospitals.

Community Sponsors Homes is part of the wider Bank of Mum and Dad for all initiative which aims to allow people to get a step up onto the property ladder , starting with those with greatest need: wheelchair users.

I want to make a positive difference to the lives of wheelchair users and their families. To provide a safe and secure environment that they can comfortably live in and call ‘home’. By providing this much needed service we’ll help wheelchair users have a home, have better financial and emotional stability, and have better lives. I do this because I’m passionate about including those that are locked out of housing, either physically or financially. That’s why I work to find ethical business solutions to fix the problems in today’s housing market.

Eleanor Bowden, CEO

Our team

We all share the same vision…to balance social purpose with commerciality to make a positive impact on society. Together we will transform the lives of wheelchair users and their families.

The Community Sponsors Homes Initiative is an initiative of Community Sponsors Charity (registered charity number 1117391).

The Initiative will, in the first instance, seek to fund and promote the development of accommodation which better meets the needs of wheelchair users, with a view to enhancing the capacity of wheelchair users to live independently and freely and, ultimately, to strengthen the economic and social standing of wheelchair users in society and to reduce inequality. Over time, it is anticipated that the Initiative will expand to advance other charitable purposes.

Your money will be used to fund the development of the Initiative, including all related research, design and development costs and to provide Community Sponsors Charity with working capital. Please note that Community Sponsors Charity reserves the discretion to use any funds donated which are not needed for the Initiative for its general charitable purposes.